Online Interactive Course Modules

This preparatory course for MRCOG examinations provides you with an online 24x7 access to course modules from anywhere in the world at your own convenience.

You will get access to all the course modules, which cover the entire syllabus for the MRCOG examinations.

If you are not interested in buying the complete course, you can also buy an individual module. We also give you the option of just buying the final assessment exam in case you do not want to buy the entire course.

Personalised Study Schedule

The personalised study schedule allows you to plan your study schedule and effectively manage your time. We provide you the flexibility to activate each module as per your convenience. Each module comprises of (1) Self-study session and (2) Practice session.

Self-study Session

During the study session, you must refer to the self-study notes provided to you when you buy the courses.

Practice Session

During the practice session, you will get a chance to solve Single best answer (SBA) type questions of each module as well as EMQs for Part-2 course.

Self-study Manual

A hard copy of the self-study manual would be couriered to you within 10 business days of buying the course. The text has been covered in accordance with the latest curriculum and examination format as described by the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists).

Performance Tracking

"Success doesn’t come to you, you have to go for it"

The performance tracker will help you monitor your quantitative and qualitative skills based on the scoring system provided for the final assessment. This scoring system will be based on the best attempt. Your best score shall determine your positioning in the leader board. After the completion of the course, you will be provided with your performance graph to help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses. This shall also assist you in picking-up your week subjects.

Picture Bank

The courses offer you clinically oriented picture-based questions with explanations.

Lecture Notes

This section contains short and crisp online lecture notes on the topics, which are important from exam point of view.

Video Archive(Inclusive of Orientation Video)

Video archives contain well-elucidated videos on essential topics and orientation video will introduce you to MRCOG exam. This will give you the complete information related to the exam. It tells you about the eligibility criteria, fee structure, syllabus, exam pattern, venues and documents which are to be submitted for the exam in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions for Last Minute Revision (FAQs for LMR)

The FAQs are frequently asked questions which have single-lined answers. Each FAQ comprises of important facts/one-liners for quick revision just prior to the examination.

Final Assessment Exam

The intent of the final assessment exam is to provide effective time management skills during the final week of the exam so that you are well prepared and stress-free just prior to the examination.

Contact via Email/whatsapp

We would be offering one-to-one personalised support to the candidates via the option of email and whatsapp. You can ask any query at any time through email and we would ensure that your query is solved within 24 hours on a working day.

Live Facebook Sessions/Webinars

In this section you can request for live sessions on any topic of your choice, which you find difficult to understand or need to discuss. The date of live session/webinar, if arranged, shall be notified to you via chat forum.

Membership of the Facebook Group (CrackingMRCOG)

Social media offers platforms that everyone with internet access can use freely. It provides the candidates a chance to share information and discuss their queries amongst other members of the group as well as the course mentor, thereby simulating a group-study environment.

We offer you the membership of Facebook group (CrackingMRCOG) where you can find important notifications, discussion related to exam, queries and much more.

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